Invitation for the 21st Century Travellers: The most wonderful legends are those that endure the test of time and live on through the centuries

Delve into the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt while staying in some of the country’s most beautiful hotels. Take swim with a view of the pyramids, sip cocktails overlooking Luxor Temple and enjoy a high tea by the Nile’s first Cataract. During this unique journey you will not only visit the pyramids, ancient temples, tombs, churches and mosques, you will also have a chance to enjoy the majestic Nile like the pioneering voyagers – aboard a traditional Dahabiya and wander through the lively souqs of Egypt. Travelling through Egypt is still today an experience you are bound to remember.

Grand Hotels of Egypt – In the Golden Age of Travel
Throughout your Grand Tour of Egypt you will stay in some of the country’s most magnificent hotels. Combining rich architectural and historical heritage with luxury and comfort, these hotels evoke the splendor of past times. While a stay in these exclusive settings is an experience in itself, the hotel’s location also makes it easy to visit some of the country’s most renowned ancient monuments.

In Cairo: Mena House – Landmark in the Shadow of the Pyramids
One of the most famous grand hotels in Egypt, the Mena House lies at the foot of the pyramids in Cairo. This former hunting lodge of the Kedive Ismail has been in use as a hotel since 1896. Richly decorated in Oriental style, it has a distinctly Moorish ambience with spacious, fully equipped rooms and verdant gardens. Egypt’s most famous monuments, the pyramids, lie just a stone’s throw away and are even visible from the hotel swimming pool!

In Luxor: Sofitel Old Winter Palace – Legendary Landmark of Luxor
Situated on the banks of the Nile just beside Luxor temple, the Old Winter Palace was built in 1886 to accommodate wealthy European tourists who came to spend the winter in Luxor. Among the guests at this exclusive hotel were leading Egyptologists such as Howard Carter and several royal dignitaries. All rooms have their own unique design with high ceiling and elegant furnishings.

Dahabiya along the Nile: Float like Amelia Edwards down the legendary Nile
A Nile journey on board a traditional Dahabiya sailing boat is ideal for those who want something more exclusive and is a completely different experience. While the boat glides over the water, past placid country scenes, the ruins of famous temples loom up on the horizon. This is how 19th-century great adventurers, archaeologists and explorers going up and down the Nile experienced life on board. Follow in their footsteps and sail the Nile by Dahabiya.

In Aswan: Sofitel Legend Old Cataract – The Legend Lives On
With fabulous views over the Nile and Elephantine Island, the Old Cataract in Aswan retains an atmosphere of English colonial grandeur. During your high tea on the king Farouk Terrace you will feel that time has stood still. This 100-year old hotel has over the years welcomed many celebrities, such as Agatha Christie who wrote parts of her best seller “Murder on the Nile” here.