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Our guests come from all over the world, but have one thing in common: they choose to travel in Egypt with a local tour operator. We at Djed Egypt Travel are sure you will love Egypt and our service, but don’t take our word for it. Read what our guests say.

Travel blog So Much More to See

Angela’s life-long affair with Egypt led her to go back home. She wrote extensively about her travel adventures in Egypt on her blog So Much More to See.

And what about Djed Egypt Travel?

In Egypt everything begins with the travel agent, they are the gateway to good guides, a well-planned program and good rates at the hotels. I’m starting here because I have a fabulous agency to recommend, Djed Egypt. I normally book everything myself but in Egypt, I was glad we went through an agency. Picking a local agency gives you a great price, insider knowledge and people on the ground.
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The Huffington Post

There Is No Time Like the Present – Article from The Huffington Post encouraging people to travel to Egypt. A trip to the Pyramids, Nile river cruise by our Zekrayaat Dahabiya boat stopping at various locations en route and visits to both modern and ancient sites.

Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and more on a tour with Djed Egypt Travel

Elysabeth Alfano, culture journalist at The Huffington Post: What I didn’t expect, or even consider before leaving, was the Egyptian people themselves. Warm, educated, and hospitable, in every corner of every destination, the Egyptian people were welcoming, reasonable and gracious.

There were almost no tourists everywhere we visited, and we hit the biggies: the Cairo Pyramids at Giza, Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian Museum. The whole 10 days we saw only one American couple. There were a few French, and a few more Dutch (oh, those level-headed Dutch!), but there were practically no tourists. If you can believe it, on our small, elegant Dahabiyya, a boat that sleeps 12, we sailed alone up the Nile. Wanting the business, the proprietor let the boat sail at a deficit, just to keep people working. At the Valley of the Kings, we were often alone in many of the crypts and at the Pyramids, there were mostly Egyptian kids goofing around on a day off school.

The result was an incredibly precious experience of history and the ruins, which would have most certainly been dashed had there been gobs of annoying tourists. If there were ever a time to get up close and personal with the beginning of civilization as only seen in Egypt, it is now while it is still safe and empty.
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